Okay, so soccer started up today and I’m with a new advanced team. I was really nervous and stuff because there was a conditioning camp last week at Ladywood but I couldn’t go because I was at Blue Lake.

So I showed up a little early and talked to some of the girls from tryouts. We started early and did a warm-up and then technique drills. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Then the coach, who’s name was Dan, explained some weird complicated skill game thingy that didn’t make sense to anyone. We eventually figured it out and then who ever lost had to do 10 push ups and 25 crunches. I wasn’t on the losing team, so I got water while the people did their punishment.

After that we did another drill and then a looooong cool-down. 

Now I am hot and sweaty, and ready to take a shower.

And then we have practice on Wednesday and a tournament on Saturday and Sunday, then a pool party at one of the girls’ house. I’m super duper excited and nervous! Yayay! Okay, rant over. Shower time! :D

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